Review: Massive Chalice

Release date
: 2015
Version played: Xbox One in 2015

Massive Chalice is a turn-based strategy game wherein you defend the land from mysterious enemies known as The Cadence. Your various heroes will be born and die in large numbers throughout your reign as King, and it is the relationships you put in place between your heroes that will shape the new generation to protect your land. It plays similar to X-Com, but is set in a fantasy/medieval setting, and presented in an isometric view.

+ the game requires you to really think, as one wrong move can spell disaster, and permadeth means you will always know the second you make a mistake
+ different unit types provide numerous ways to tackle a situation, including ranged, melee or stealth options
+ commentary/narration from the titular Chalice is enjoyable, and suits the situation depending on the mood the game knows you will be in after each mission (and you may recognise Anna Graves and Simon Templeman as the titular Chalice)
+ choose what heroes to pair off to create the most useful offpsring for the war is almost a mini game in it’s own right, and can prove very fruitful
+ similarly, there is a massive pool of heroes to choose from, initially, and the combinations seem nearly endless
+ sounds, both music and effects, are great quality, and the Chalise dialogue is clear and concise

– the RNG hit/miss can be brutally unforgiving, sometimes almost unfairly so
– currently lots of little gameplay bugs and spelling/grammar errors, which will asumedly be patched

> there is a lot to learn, and I failed a few campaigns before I managed to plan forward well enough to not get my shit stomped, even on the middle difficulty (I didn’t feel like this was a negative, because it may very well have just been my own shortcomings)
> essentially, this is a medieval-esque X-Com, and it works

Should you play this game: This is free for June on Xbox One, and it has already provided me a dozen hours of fun, and I am compelled to keep playing. If you like turn based strategy games, particularly those which are difficult, then download it and you will enjoy yourself.

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