Wrestling Review: WWE Elimination Chamber (2015)

+ John Cena v Kevin Owens: holy crap, this whole match was fantastic. Plenty of false finishes and unexpected moves from both guys. One move in particular was teased, but rightfully not executed. Match of the night, and perhaps match of the year

– Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose: for a heavyweight title match, this was just uninspired. Having all the bad guy lackeys at ring side removed lots of hype from any of Ambrose’s pin attempts, and an unexpected ending was not enough to undo the by-the-book match
– Intercontinental Championship elimination chamber: I don’t know what was going on in this match. Either, a few things legitimately went wrong, including broken pods and unofficial entrants, or it was just so poorly planned out it came across that way. No matter the reason, it all came across as silly, rather than clever
– tag team championship elimination chamber match: this match was just a mess. There was always lots going on, but not much happened, and a (in my opinion) predictable winner didn’t leave much room for any other outcome. A few nice spots can’t save an otherwise sloppy outing
– Nikki Bella vs Naomi vs Paige: another sloppy match. It had potential, but the limits on the main roster Divas just means there is less time to work the same amount of work, and it comes across rushed and therefore looks very unappealing
– Neville vs Bo Dallas: had a hell of a time coming after the Cena/Owens match, but they did their best. The crowd was dead, and the match was only ever going to end one way
– The Corpus Christi, Texas crowd is well known for being a horrible crowd to perform in front of, as they just don’t make any noise. Unfortunately, this held true, once again

Should you watch this event: I feel as if I say this for every wrestling event I review, but no, don’t watch this event. The Cena/Owens match was as expected far and away the best match, so try to catch that if you can, but otherwise I am sure eveyrthing else will be recapped or ignored in the coming weeks anyway.

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