Movie Review: Zombeavers (2014)

Zombeavers (yes, that’s the real title, and it’s awesome) is a 2014 horror/comedy about zombie beavers. I’m sensing a connection between the title and the theme. Toxic chemicals spill into a dam, and before you can make another joke about the word ‘beaver’, a group of college kids find themselves attacked by the now zombified critters. It features relatively unknown stars in Jordan Rubin’s directorial debut.

+ the movie is actually kind of funny, in very crude ways, like the rampant sexual humour, which considering the movie name is hardly surprising
+ the beavers are hilariously goofy looking, and make the strangest gurgling noises. It is far funnier than it should be
+ the gore is also over the top, which adds to the comedy but severely lessens the horror
+ some enjoyable female nudity is always a good thing in my books

– even though they are invoked intentionally, lots of cliches make the plot very generic
– very few scares, which makes the horror parts unable to be taken seriously
– the movie does seem to have some issues deciding who it’s main characters are, and what the plot actually is. In the  classic ‘B movie’ style, these things don’t really matter, but it does make the film a bit of a mess

> Post credit scene teases a potential sequel with an equally amazing title (if it ever happens)

Should you watch this film: The film is silly, and intentionally so, but that doesn’t make it any less silly. If you like the ‘so bad it’s good’ films, then get some beers and make a movie night out of it, but otherwise this might be one to skip.

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