Movie Review: Life After Beth (2014)

Life After Beth is a 2014 horror/comedy starring Dane DeHann (of film The Amazing Spider-man 2) and Aubrey Plaza (from Parks and Recreation fame). Zach (DeHaan) grieving after the loss of his girlfriend Beth (Plaza), and in this period he becomes close to Beth’s parents, until the day they suddenly cease all contact with him.

+ DeHaan is jittery and plays his emotions and confusion well, but never really grows as a character from the first ten or so minutes
+ Aubrey Plaza is doing her best to be both creepy and endearing, but doesn’t really have much to work with

– the film never really makes the most of it’s horror side of things, and the laughs only come very sparingly from things that don’t appear to be intentionally funny
– supporting characters include John C Reilly, Molly Shannon and Anna Kendrick. All are only in limited roles

> Jim O’heir, Terry/Jerry/Larry etc from parks and Rec has a brief cameo. It’s funny, but doesn’t make much sense
> Anna Kendrick having such a small role is interesting, as this would have been after her ‘star had risen’ so to speak, with the release of Pitch Perfect

Should you watch this film: No. It’s not particularly scary for a horror movie, nor funny for a comedy, and goes on for an hour after the premise starts to run a bit thin.

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