Movie Review: The Killing Field (2014)

The Killing Field is a 2014 Australian telemovie about the finding of a series of shallow graves in a small country town. It stars Australian actors Rebecca Gibney (“Packed to the Rafters“) and Liam McIntyre (“Spartacus” and “The Flash“) as homicide detectives tasked with solving the mystery of the gruseome discoveries.

+ Rebecca Gibney is particularly on-point as Detective Sergeant Eve Winter. She comes across cold, but calculating, with a talent for picking out clues that might not be obvious to others
+ the story is told in ‘chapters’ of sorts, each taking place on successive days, with titles to let you know. This keeps it all flowing nicely, and helps to add to the escalation of the stakes
+ the small Australian town filming locations give it a personal feel, and the accents make it hit close to home. Reminded me of Wolf Creek in many ways
+ a colourful cast of suspects will keep you guessing who might be involved until the very end
+ the plot is pretty messed up. Makes you feel good when things get resolved

– since it is a telemovie, it only has a 90 minute run time, so the plot does progress very quickly
– a number of silly cliches are on full display, and some very unhelpful suspects that should just say what they know. Particularly when the things the suspects do or don’t say just cause problems. Realistic or not, it is just frustrating to watch
– love stories have no place in a serious murder mystery, dammit

> Honestly, I only watched this because I am a big fan of Liam McIntyre, and he didn’t disappoint.

Should you watch this film: This was a short, but effective way to spend my afternoon. It kept me guessing and good performances from everyone meant I was never bored. Give this a shot if murder mysteries interest you.

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