Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Mad Max: Fury Road
is a 2015 reboot/sequel of the original Mad Max trilogy, most recently released in 1985. Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson as Max Rockastansky, a loner, reeling from the tragedies of his past. Max gets captured by evil warlord Immortan Joe, and then finds himself in the middle of someone else’s battle.

+ Nicholas Hoult as Nux was my favourite character. He comes across very timid, and almost innocent, as he is trying to slaughter any number of people in his way. Through bad luck or his own incompetence we see all of his failures cause him to grow as a character
+ Charlize Theron is badass as hell as Imperator Furiosa, under the command of big-bad Immortan Joe. I very much enjoyed that a female on screen as not portrayed as useless, and Furiosa and Max had to work together to get anything done, and neither being particularly amazing, was refreshing
+ Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) is all too happy to play up his role as hammy as he can. He has an intense look, and booming voice, and generally is the best parts of the film.
+ various other Australian actors in the film, including Rosie Huntington-Whitely (as Splendid Angharad, one of Joe’s “wives”), comedian Angus Samson as a “doctor” and Nathan Jones (pro wrestler turned actor) all add to the film, and help to really get the ‘Australia’ theme going
+ iOTA had a guitar that shoots fire from its end, and plays mid battle atop a giant speaker-truck, with drummers at the rear. It’s as awesome as it sounds

– Tom Hardy was completely wasted as titular Max, and the bulk of his role is grunts and nods of his head. I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy, and feel either he should have had a larger role (the film is called “Mad Max” after all) or they should have gotten someone else to play Max (Australians Sam Worthington or Liam McIntyre comes to mind)
– watching our heroes and villains sit, for the most part, in the cab of their vehicles for two hours is not ideal
– the car chase that makes up the vast bulk of the film is awesome to start with, then gets stale very quickly. Similarly, seeing a car explode and flip is great the first two or three times, but when that becomes the expected, things lose all steam
– the plot is virtually nonexistent. I realise that a car chase doesn’t necessarily need a deep story behind it, but showing us just WHY the plot gets kicked off would have been better in establishing character motives

> A quick Google search tells me that this film had the same composer, Junkie XL, as 300: Rise of an Empire, and that is very obvious in hindsight. The soundtrack is fast and very loud, but very repetitive.
> Apparently a sequel has already started being written, and Hardy is signed on for three more films so, uh, let’s hope things get a bit better along the road.

Should you see this film: Look, I did not enjoy this film. I know this may appeal more to others than it did to me, and I know I just listed more positives than negatives, but I found it to be overly long with not enough going on aside from explosion after explosion. Maybe just wait until it’s out on Blu Ray.


    1. I know, but Mel Gibson was essentially unknown (and actually “Australian”).
      I just feel that someone like Tom Hardy should be able to do more.


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