Movie Review: It Follows (2015)

“Never go into a place without more than one exit. It’s slow, but it’s not dumb.” It Follows is a film where something, pretending to be someone, is always following, and will kill you horribly if it catches you. This ‘condition’ can only be passed on one way…

+ Maika Monroe plays Jay nicely, with wide eyes and, where applicable, shrill screams. She generally protrays the fear associated with her ‘condition’ well
+ the various ‘its’ that do the titular following vary from unerving to terrifying
+ the whole feeling of the film, as the plot itself necessitates, is that anything can go wrong at any moment for our teenage heroine (and it just might!). Keep an eye out for many background characters that seem out of place
+ lots of tight angles and 360-degree panning shots create tense and almost claustrophobic moments in open spaces. It’s different, but works

> The whole thing is very obviously an allegory for sexually transmitted infections, and it works.
> This film was interesting in that the symptoms (not the cause) of the scary part of it all is completely explained, but still comes across as unknown and scary

Should you see this film: Yes. Genuinely tense and at times quite scary, It Follows is a solid, and unique entry into the horror genre.


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