Review: Child of Light

Release date: 2014
Version played: Xbox One in 2015

+ beautiful backgrounds and animations for protagonist Aurora make the game look fantastic, especially Aurora’s flowing hair
+ upbeat (but also kind of sad) piano and flute soundtrack is fantastic, and never intrusive. Certain songs are used to great effect in-game
+ fantastic and unique cast of characters, each with their own pros and cons that need to be balanced in battle
+ turn based battle system harkens back to old Final Fantasy games, with a few new inovations to keep you paying attention, even if it is not your turn
+ multiple pathways for skills, meaning you can focus on unlocking the ones you use most as early as you want
+ New Game+ mode is always welcome

– character portraits themselves are very amateur, like something from deviant-art
– getting real tired of the way games have the story read in rhyme, this more than many, as sometimes the rhymes don’t flow like they should
– the game is never particularly difficult; my characters seemd to level up almost every battle

> the game reminded me in many ways of Dust: An Elysian Tail, particularly the way conversations are played out with portraits facing each other
> I was trying to figure out where I knew the narrator’s voice from, and it is Dr Bloom from the Hannibal TV series, Caroline Dhavernas.

Should you play this game: Yes. It’s not the best game I’ve ever played, but I think it is the nicest game I have played in a while. The dialogue, combat and platforming/puzzle gameplay made me smile, often, so definitely give this a go.

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