Movie Review: Whiplash (2014)


+ J.K. Simmons (a favourite of mine) as conductor Terence Fletcher is just absolutely fantastic. I can see exactly why he was given the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is rude and emotionally (and sometimes even physically) abusive, and generally a real dick… but you can tell he cares, sort of. He’s a very compelling character.
+ Miles Teller plays Andrew Neiman, and he is very good in his role. He comes across both awkward, but very talented on the drums, and you can tell he enjoys the film’s subject matter.
+ Soundtrack, including the songs played in the film is just the stuff I like; big band, jazz with trumpets and blindingly fast drums
+ the handheld camera style really makes it feel personal when anything happens

– I found the ending to be quite strange, personally. Not necessarily out of character, but just unexpected, because I felt neither I, nor the characters, had earned the ending we got.

> Every time JK Simmons berated Andrew I was getting flashbacks to Vernon Schillinger doing the same to his son, Andrew, in Oz

Should you see this film: Definitely. It is a movie of two characters, and the realtionship between the two is compelling, with the ups and downs of any best pairing. Fantastic performances, soundtrack, and camera work make this an overall unmissable film.

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