Movie Review: The Maze Runner (2014)

+ Dylan O’Brien is well acted as protagonist Thomas, and though he is the ‘chosen one’ that all these teen post-apocalyptic films seem to have, he never gets annoying or too self righteous
+ Thomas Brodie-Sangster (aka ‘the Love Actually kid’ also seen on Game of Thrones) and Will Poulter as Newt and Gally, respectively, are the steadfast ally, and primary cause of tension. Both play off Thomas well to create tension or a sense of ease
+ I really enjoyed that there was no ‘one character to save us’; all of the characters had to work together, and they knew that
+ this film more than others in the genre manages to create an unsettling atmosphere and a legitimate sense that something could go wrong
+ the eponymous maze itself is great, and reminds me of the cube from CUBE.
+ a nice little twist at the end keeps the sequel looking like a logical evolution of the story, rather than, for example, just another Maze (such as Katniss entering another Hunger Games in the first sequel)

– Ki Hong Lee (Minho, the leader of the group of runners) looked perpetually perplexed; he always looked like he was about to break out in a smile. Whether intentional, or just poor acting, it really took me out of the mood
– Hopefully Teresa (Kaya Scodelario)’s role gets explained a bit more, because at the moment it seems just like a way to get a female in the cast

> This film (and its upcoming sequels) are based on a trilogy of novels, with a few prequels. I have them on my bookshelf, so I think I might give them a go.
> Think of this as ‘Hunger Games meets CUBE’.
> The cast additions for the upcoming sequel The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials looks promising

Should you see this film: With the current influx of ‘post apocalyptic teen dramas, where one person has all the skills necessary to save the world’ (think Hunger Games or the horrible Divergent) this was surprisingly good. Give it a go, if you are into these sort of things.

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