Movie Review: See No Evil 2 (2014)

See No Evil, was a 2006 WWE Studious produced horror film that was, surprisingly, pretty good. Kane is Jacob Goodnight, a mad man with an abusive mother, and a penchant for plucking out people’s eyes.

+ WWE’s Kane (billed as Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs) is an imposing figure, and such his monster of few words is again excellent
+ as with the first film, the kills are cheesy but intense
+ a few interesting changes to the horror/slasher film style do make it interesting, if not entirely exciting
+ the atmosphere is dark and dreary, and you can at least believe the remaining meat puppets… I mean cast, are actually scared

– it is very ‘safe’; no nudity, no gratuitous gore or harsh language
– the film follows the basic formula of nearly every other horror film ever made, ever, so don’t expect anything ground breaking

> I personally have a huge fear/dislike of anything to do with eyes, so Lord knows why I put myself through movies where the bad guy likes to extract them himself. It really makes me cringe.

Should you see this film: See No Evil 2 is a standard, by-the-numbers horror movie, but much like the first, is actually far better than it has any right to be. Give it a go if you want an old-school slasher film.

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