Movie Review: Foxcatcher (2014)

+ Steve Carell as eccentric millionaire John Du Pont is amazing… in a really scary, foreboding, almost depressing kind of way. Absolutely fantastic acting on his part, with some almost unrecognisable prosthetics. Oscar nomination well deserved, in my opinion.
+ Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz (aka ‘the younger brother’) in a rare non-comedy role is also incredibly well acted.
+ Mark Ruffalo rounds out the core cast as Dave Schultz (aka ‘the older brother’) and whilst he gets the least screen time, he is perhaps the most important, and maybe only actually character the audience may like
+ the entire film just has a real sense of dread hanging over it. Even in the lavish manor sets you get the feeling there is just something not right about everything that is going on
+ very long periods of no dialogue focus the audience on the movements and facial expressions of the characters, which adds to the

– the film is quite long, at over two hours, and has very few moments to ‘breathe’, as such. There is very little, if any, scenes that may make you smile

> the only real words I can think to use this are ‘depressing’, ‘dread’ and ‘ominous’, which appears to have been the intention. And it’s based on a true story, so let that sink in while watching it.

Should you see this film: Maybe. I really enjoyed this film, but I do love wrestling as a sport, so I at least had something to focus on at times. If you don’t mind slow burn stories with less than ideal payoffs, then this movie will satisfy those wants.

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