TV Review: True Detective (Season 1, 2014)

MINOR SPOILERS for the end of the season follows, as a comparison to something else, but I’ve tried to be as discreet as I could.

+ Matthew McConaughey as Rustin “Rust” Cohle is wacky and compelling, and at least keeps you wondering just what is real throughout the season
+ Woody Harrelson as the other True Detective (see what I did there) Martin Hart is the straight man to McConaughey’s “Rust”. Harrelson natural charisma and unique accent were enjoyable.
+ the setting of Louisiana, with lots of swamps and grasslands was a suitable setting for the potentially paranormal-ish story
+ the soundtrack throughout was fantastic, including the opening theme music. Lots of blues and country-style soft rock set the scene nicely
+HBO production values on full display. Everything generally looks great and sounds nice and clear (except for as below)

– I found the Southern drawl accent of McConaughey’s character to be incredibly irritating. Whether I just couldn’t understand his accent, or the mumbling was intentional, it ruined many scenes by me having to rewind and rewatch them.

> I can’t help but notice the numerous parallels to the video game LA Noire, particularly in the actions of one main character, and a surprisingly similar finale
> Season 2 set to have a different cast is a bold choice, but I’m interested as to how it goes, particularly Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams.

Should you watch this show: Maybe. I can’t say this was a ‘must watch’ for me, but the show is well acted and only 8 episodes, so it could be a nice binge watch if you have a day to spare and enjoy the police-style show of ‘putting clues together’.

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