TV Review: Better Call Saul (Season 1, 2015)

+ Bob Odenkirk in the main role is still fantastic as the fast talking lawyer, and his (sometimes tragic) backstory will add plenty more layers to the character seen in Breaking Bad
+ Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut is again a standout, and an episode in the middle of the season, in my mind, will no doubt earn him an Emmy
+ The remainder of the core cast are also all well acted, and never overstay their welcome, and their relationships with our protagonist lawyer develop naturally
+ Other familiar faces from Breaking Bad show up in support roles, both as nods to their apeparances on the main show, and to shape the world the shows take part in

> So far, unless I have just missed them, there have not been any Breaking Bad spoilers. I’d be interested to see the reaction of someone who never watched Breaking Bad, watch this.

Should you watch this show: Yes. Whether or not you watched, liked, or even know about Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is a perfectly solid standalone show with fantastic acting, music and plot. Do not miss this.

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