Review: Doorkickers

logo_doorkickersRelease date: 2014
Version played: PC in 2015

+ birds eye view lets you see everything that is going on
+ weapons sounds and voice overs all sound fantastic
+ can plan everything and see if it works, or alter set ups on the fly
+ many customizable load-outs, including weapons and armour classes, all with different positives and negatives
+ randomized enemy locations mean you must plan for any and everything
+ different scenarios mean you must alter your strategies
+ multi-mission campaigns with perma-death; so plan well!

– gets slightly repetitive, especially when playing in long sessions
– the limited number of voice actors will be noticeable, after only a few missions
– no female voice acting, for the female squad members was a bummer

Should you play this game: If you enjoy tactical/RTS games, then I do recommend playing this game. It is good for both those that like meticulous planning, as well as the player that will prefer to ‘wing it’.

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