Movie Review: Big Hero 6 (2014)

logo_bighero6+ Location of San Fransokyo is a mish-mash of Japan and America (if the name didn’t give that away) and their combined cultures works well on screen
+ Characters seem to have all bases of age, gender and nationality covered, which will appeal to all viewers
+ Baymax in particular, the non-gendered, non-threatening marshmallow man, seems designed to appeal to all, as the film’s ‘blank canvas’ character
+ The film looks great, as you can expect from the new resurgence of Disney animation (from Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph)
+ voice acting by all is fantastic
+ The film’s Marvel Comics influence is clear (the film is based off a comic team)

– plot is quite standard, and rather cliched, and doesn’t creates a few plot holes once the oh-so-shocking reveal takes place
– the film does have a low point in the middle, after the character building but before the main action set pieces

> The film comes across overall a mixture of The Incredibles substance, and How to Train Your Dragon’s style

Should you see this film: Yes. It was enjoyable enough to recommend, though I have to be honest and say I still prefer Wreck-It Ralph overall.

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