Review: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Release date: 2013
Version played: Xbox 360 in 2014

+ Absolute 10/10 soundtrack, best in series
+ Edward has that Jack Sparrow/Ragnar Lothbrok swagger about him, he’s dirty-sexy
+ rest of cast of pirates and allies is best since AC II. Whoever does Charles Vane’s voice is fantastic.
+ Naval gameplay is so damned good (and Legendary Ships!), trees are still great to run through/over
+ Numerous islands and the open sea look gorgeous

– Not really an AC game; you aren’t even an Assassin for most of the game (in fact, you work against them for the first third)
– The story kind of fluffs about in the middle, going in circles until a few characters have been offed.
– Similarly, it re-uses the ‘go to prison for one sequence’ bit from III

> Modern-day first-person is not great, but I quite liked the story advancements
> The menu sounds are now exactly the same as the Splinter Cell games (both by Ubisoft). Splinter Cell confirmed modern day Assassin Brotherhood?
> The ‘fog’ reveal on maps from Revs and III is gone, and map is only revealed via synch-ing, which I prefer.
> This was the longest (in time) campaign in the series. This is mostly because of the longer travel distances, which inevitably leads to naval battles. I like it but some might not.

Should you play this game: Yes, because it is the best pirate game in a very long time, even if it is not really an Assassin’s Creed game.

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