Review: Assassin’s Creed III

Release date: 2012
Version played: Xbox 360 in 2014

+ climbing animations are literally faster, hold-button looting FINALLY
+ tree running turned out way, way better than expected (and continues to work well in future games)
+ double counter kills, animations in general are great
+ hunting was genuinely enjoyable, and introduced the ‘stalking’ areas, for better stealth
+ awesome Haytham Kenway…

– …not so awesome Connor (mainly through the voice acting, which is only sort of a fair criticism.)
– one button free running is horrid. No control over speed/when to jump.
– regenerating health, slow-motion combat, those long as hell credits

> more button changes (fast walk and gentle push are both the same, and steal is where gentle push used to be) (left and right sticks are now reversed on the map! DAMN YOU MUSCLE MEMORY!)
> Haytham is a lovable dickhead, and Connor is the less than likeable nice guy. It is difficult to get attached to either, but through all of the missions where you team up, Haytham just comes across so much better.
> The portrayal of the Assassin/Templar conflict as more than simply black-and-white was interesting. Certainly makes you think more about the previous games’ targets.

Should you play this game: Yes, because it resolves many major plot points. But don’t expect too much.

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