Game Review: TEMPUS – Level Escape

Release date: 2022
Version played: Xbox Series X in 2022

A first person puzzle game developed by K148 Game Studio and published by JanduSoft, TEMPUS – Level Escape was released in 2022. As the only citizen of the island of TEMPUS, one stormy night you enter a glowing portal and find yourself flung into the future. As it becomes clear this is a one way trip, you must time travel further and further into the future to find a way home.

+ I’m a sucker for these sort of graphics, which is literally the only reason I bought this. I’ll learn the lesson about ‘pretty graphics ≠ good game’ one day… but it’s not today

– the whole game is very easy, with not a single puzzle that took me more than a moment or two to wrap my head around. I’d almost considering this a walking simulator more than a puzzle game. Don’t get me wrong, there are puzzles in this game. They are just all really easy
– the game is entirely linear with no exploration or ‘off the beaten trail’ moments. The first time I thought I was doing something ‘extra’ turned out that I was expected to go on ahead, realise the puzzle had to be done, and then come all the way back. The second time I tried exploring, I fell through some wonky geometry and got stuck, forcing a chapter restart which was incredibly frustrating
– the story is as bare bones as the description above. There are no diary entries, audio logs, or even environmental storytelling to explain who your character is or what caused the world to become whatever it becomes after each time jump

Should you play this game: Even so far as this was a cheap, spur-of-the-moment purchase, I was left really disappointed. Don’t bother with this.


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