The Fishtank: My Favourite Movies, Part I: The Nightmare Before Christmas

A long time ago, longer now than it seems,
Before I was in my twenties or teens,
A movie was playing, and I said, “Wow, what is this?”
I saw a tall, lanky skeleton, who tried to run Christmas

A musical movie from late ’93,
With stop motion stylings that filled me with glee,
Called ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘, though just to be certain
Directed by Henry Selick (not Tim Burton).

A pervy old doctor, a happy-sad mayor;
Witches and goblins, a doll with red hair;
A sack full of bugs, and a scary-faced clown
Were just some of the creatures in the Halloween Town

But the main character here, The Pumpkin King, Jack
With bones ghastly pale and suit pin-striped black,
Grows tired of always being the scarer,
And wants more from the holidays than shrieking and terror

He falls through a doorway and lands with a ‘Woah’,
In a fairy-light land of presents and snow.
Jack returns to his town, says, “Don’t you see what I mean?
This year we’ll do Christmas, and not Halloween!”

The townsfolk don’t get it, they don’t understand,
That presents are fun in Christmas Land.
Their attempts include an old head from the lake,
Jack is forced to accept it, though it makes his head ache.

After delivering “presents”, Jack asks, “What am I doin’?
Despite my good will, I’ve left Christmas in ruin.
Only one man can fix what I’ve caused!”
And to fight Boogie he goes, to free Sandy Claws.

The battle with Oogie ends with his unravelling,
And Jack frees his new friend and sends him off travelling.
Our skeleton finds some acceptance in life,
And he ends up with five kids to his hot ragdoll wife.

The soundtrack is great, you should listen to it,
With story narrations by the great Patrick Stewart.
Then the ‘Revisited’ version was made just for me,
With covers by Korn, Rise Against, Amy Lee.

I know the dialogue bits, I can clearly orate them,
And the songs are so catchy, I know them verbatim.
I’ve bought the DVD, at least twice I’d say,
And yes, then I bought another Blu-Ray.

It’s the first film I recall that I chose as the best,
And for some 29 years it’s held my interest.
I hope that this post has helped to express,
How much I love The Nightmare Before Christmas.


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