Game Review: What the Golf?

Release date: 2019 (Mobile), 2020 (Switch)
Version played: Nintendo Switch in 2020

Developed and published by Triband, What the Golf? is a “sports” comedy game, involving various humorous takes on mini golf, where the objective of the level is not always what it appears.

+ the core gameplay, ie. ‘get from start to finish’ is as simple or difficult as you want it to be. The humorous differences therein are what makes the game so appealing. For example, instead of hitting the ball, you might throw your club instead. Most of the time, you won’t know what is going to happen until it does
+ several chunks of themed levels pay homage to various other video games or pieces of media, such as sections based on the Olympics or the video game Portal. These switch the core gameplay in some ways, such as instead being an archery mini game, but still presented in the same comedic style
+ each level has two bonus objectives/special conditions, ranging from a par number of hits, to something more ridiculous, such as hitting twenty golf balls at once. These are, once again, clever and funny, and at times particularly challenging
+ the game has a party mode of up to four players in competitive “golf” games. It is a huge amount of fun, especially when the opportunity to screw over your opponents arises

– this was originally a mobile game (and I mean, it still is available on mobile devices) so it plays as such. You will easily smash out two dozen levels in your first sitting and then possibly lose interest like I did. I’ve gone back to it a few times now, but each time is only ever for a handful of holes

Should you play this game: Yes. If you can limit yourself to a few holes at a time (made particularly easy in the Switch’s handheld mode) you will most definitely have a blast. The multiplayer modes are just as much fun, and easy to get into without having played the game before.


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