Movie Review: We Summon the Darkness (2019)

In the midst of a spree of mysterious, satanic cult murders across the country, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario), and her BFFs Valerie (Maddie Hasson) and Beverly (Amy Forsyth) meet up with heavy metal fans, Mark (Keean Johnson), Kovacs (Logan Miller) and Ivan (Austin Swift) at a concert. Returning to Alexis’ family home to continue the party, the night soon turns deadly. We Summon the Darkness is a 2019 horror thriller, directed by Marc Meyers.

+ all of the main six were good or great, with Daddario, Hasson, and Johnson the standouts. I can’t say I recognised Hasson or Johnson from anything, but that unfamiliarity played well into their roles. I’m a big fan of Daddario (both her unfair-to-the-rest-of-us-slobs beauty, but her acting too) and I enjoyed her once again in the role she had here
+ Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass fame) has a supporting-ish role, and I found him to be very compelling for a few different reasons. He has the charisma to realistically portray a television evangelist with a certain degree of authenticity
+ there were a few great scenes involving music, from the live concert scenes to that on a house stereo

– very predictable, from the very opening moments how things are going to play out, all the way up until the ending (which I personally was not a very big fan of at all). Some movies just work better with a twist, and there was simply nothing like that here
– a few smaller plot points are brought up and not referenced again, and I’d have liked some more background on these. It’s not like the movie was too long as it stands

> Wikipedia tells me Daddario is voicing Lois Lane in an upcoming Superman animated movie, which could be quite interesting

Should you see this film: I wasn’t really feeling this movie, and the lacklustre ending only sealed the deal. The cast is fine, but the plot is basic and not worth going out of your way to see.


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