Movie Review: Frozen II (2019)

A sequel to the smash-hit original from 2013, Frozen II is a 2019 CGI animated film from Disney. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel return as Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, respectively, rulers of the Kingdom of Arendelle. Olaf the Snowman (Josh Gad) and Anna’s boyfriend Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), along with Sven the reindeer, also return, and aid the royal duo in their journey to discover the secrets of their magical past.

+ Bell and Menzel are still the perfect pair as sisters Anna and Elsa. Menzel’s voice is still phenomenal, and a few sustained notes seem intent of capturing that same feeling from ‘Let it Go’ (though none of the songs themselves reach that lofty height). Gad’s idealistic snowman Olaf gets the majority of the laughs, despite my personally not being a fan of his
+ the animation is superb, especially the major sequences involving water (of which there are a surprisingly large number). As I said in regards to Moana, each character’s hair flows and flies due to wind and movement, and Elsa’s iconic single braid is given some subtle importance of its own
+ the plot is fine, as far as standard Disney ‘good guys = good, bad guys = bad’ stuff goes. It didn’t really do it for me on any deep level like Tangled or Moana did in the ‘strong female lead’ department, but I am hardly the target audience for these movies

Sven, Olaf, Elsa, Anna and Kriostff – the snow is frozen, and they are Frozen II. (LOL)

– none of the songs are as good as ‘Let it Go’, despite a few very obvious attempts at a similar substance and style of song (try saying that few times fast…)

Should you see this film: I was not nearly as enamoured with Frozen as many others were (Tangled > Moana > Frozen, fite me), and I feel about the same as this. I’ve loved Kristen Bell in The Good Place, and am sad to see that end, so she (and, obviously, the pipes on Menzel) were a highlight for me. Overall, though, this was just ‘another Frozen’ but not even as good as the first.



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