TV Review: F is for Family (Season 2, 2017)

The second season of the Netflix original animated adult comedy, F is For Family, premiered in May 2017. Frank Murphy (comedian Bill Burr) is a family man, who was fired at the end of the first season, on Christmas Day no less, and is looking for a job to provide for his family, and Frank’s wife, Sue (Laura Dern) and children Kevin (Justin Long), Bill (Haley Reinhart) and Maureen (Debi Derryberry) all have problems of their own. Set in the late 70s, the Murphy family, and neighbour Vic (Sam Rockwell), a wild drug addict and womanizer just live their lives one day at a time.

+ I really like the cast. Rockwell as Vic is the obvious standout for comedy, but all of the Murphy family are relateable in their own ways, whether it is looking for a job, putting up with younger siblings or dealing with a bully. Younger son Bill’s friend Phillip is so weird it is sometimes shocking
+ lots of comedy, usually of the ‘bait and switch variety’, where one character will say something, only to follow it up with an unexpected clarification. Otherwise, it is all so offensive to everyone you can’t help but laugh (though, perhaps it is real to life of the 70s stance on race, sexuality and the like). The Murphy family swears at and threatens physical violence on each other, but it always seems to come from love
+ story points from one episode often come back several episodes later in surprising ways. Maureen, the youngest of the Murphy clan, has arguably the most important story, as she endeavors to break traditional gender roles

– sometimes, the tone does go a bit all over the place, and once or twice it goes entirely off the wall, and becomes more comparable to something like Family Guy, albeit without the cutaway gags

Should you watch this show: Where the first season was short and far too rough, this smooths things out to become a charming and relateable show about an average family. Not quite comedy, but never taken too seriously, this is an underrated show well worth checking out.


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