Game Review: Splatter: Blood Red Edition

Release date: 2014
Version played: PC (via Steam) in 2017

Steam sales are a wonderful thing. Currently going for 49 cents, Splatter: Blood Red Edition is a top down shooter set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Players control Max, a sarcastic, Max Payne-like noir hero as he traverses various locations to uncover how this all started, and who is responsible.

+ the gameplay is standard for top down shooters, but the seven different weapons types can each be upgraded and each allows for a different approach to taking out the hudreds of enemies on screen
+ the story is somewhat contrived, but for the most part has a charming film-noir, pulp feel to it as it is told mostly through inter-titles between levels. NPCs each have little sound bites as they follow you, and there were some surprises as I progressed through the environments, which included a suburban city, a factory dock/shipping yard and even a farm
+ everything except the walls of buildings is destructible. Taking out the hordes of undead will result in desks being torn to pieces, glass shattering and cars exploding when any bullets hit them, and as the environment explodes, enemies too will turn into paint and giblets in combat

Zombies and violence and gore – oh my!

– the only real negative is that it’s not particularly original. Top down shooter, zombie apocalypse, strange mutated monster, conspiracy of some kind, sarcastic/jaded anti-hero character; it reads sort of like a checklist

Should you play this game: For under half a dollar, it is hard not to recommend this. It won’t break any new ground, but for the price-to-time played ratio this is well worth at least a single play through.


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