Wrestling Review: WCPW No Regrets (2017)

From Newcastle Upon Tyne in England, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) presents No Regrets, live on the 29th of April. Let’s not beat around the bush: current WCPW Champion Drew Galloway is signed to WWE and is appearing on NXT. But Galloway has shown incredible durability in his title defenses, and no one man has been able to take the title from him as yet. Because of this, WCPW management has opted to make Galloway defend his title in a WhatCulture 30-Man Championship Rumble, with participants including Martin Kirby, The Prestige, Primate, Rampage and Rey Mysterio. Also on the card, Cody (Rhodes) will defend his WCPW Internet Championship in a triple threat, taking on both Gabriel Kidd and Joe Hendry. Not to be outdone, No Regrets will play host to something of a dream match between two incredible luchador stars: the legend, Rey Mysterio, and the up-and-comer El Ligero. All this and more as WCPW presents No Regrets, with commentary from Matt Striker and Dave Bradshaw, with special guest Stu Bennett (fka Wade Barrett).

+ Drew Galloway defends the WCPW Heavyweight Championship (30-Man Rumble): with pinfalls and submissions a valid elimination method there were quite a few non-entrants, who were eliminated in mere seconds, but for the most part everyone appeared to have a real chance. Some nice surprise entrants and returns were also in the fray, and the idea of saving the best for the final entrants made for a very exciting finale, which the crowd also appreciated spectacularly
+ Rey Mysterio vs El Ligero: in many ways, this is the match I was hoping Ligero/Ricochet would have had at the previous event. One or two smaller mistakes, mostly due to the ropes not being quite as tight, and unfortunately that did take away from some of the bigger moments. Perhaps WCPW could tighten the ropes for the lucha matches (though, personally I’d tighten them a little bit anyway)
+ Cody (c) vs Gabriel Kidd vs Joe Hendry (WCPW Internet Title): After the three matches listed below, this match looked a match of the year in comparison (but, no, it wasn’t that good). Hendry and Rhodes were great together, and Kidd’s slow improvement has been nice to watch. There was a strange injury angle near the middle, and I don’t entirely understand what the point was, but the rest of the match was very enjoyable
+ overall, this show looked to have much higher production quality. Whether it is something like new cameras I can’t say, but it looked nicer and sounded better
+ Stu Bennett was absolutely fantastic on commentary. His in-ring insights added a much needed ‘experience’ factor to the commentary, not to mention how knowledge of the UK wrestling scene

– Brandi Rhodes vs Prince Ameen: I’ll try to say this nicely- Brandi sucks, and Ameen is more character than wrestler, and this should never have happened. If it HAD to happen, this should have been a three minute affair, but the longer it went the less interest I had in it all, and it made both looks bad
– Travis Banks vs Penta El Zero M: I hate to say it, but Penta was really sloppy in this match. He didn’t seem to want to fall over/sell for Banks’ kicks, in particular. There were a few big, impressive moments, but overall this felt like an unconnected series of spots
– Drago & El Hijo de Dos Caras vs Juventud Guerrera & Rey Fenix: taking place on the pre-show, this was an interesting but still quite sloppy match. Only Drago/Fenix seemed to have any chemistry together, and there were some real timing issues when El Hijo/Guerrera were in ring together

> Stu Bennett (fka Wade Barrett) pulled off an impressive catch from a flying kendo stick at one point… from the commentary desk!

Should you watch this event: Following the State of Emergency event from Wrestlemania weekend, this was always going to look good in comparison. After the earlier matches were all a bit sloppy, or overly long for what they were, the Internet Title triple threat, the Lucha contest between Mysterio/Ligero and then the Rumble all surpassed my expectations. The second half of this show was well worth watching, but only seek the first few if you are a particular fan of who was in the matches.


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