Movie Review: Justice League Dark (2017)

The 27th entry into the series of DC Animated Original Movies, Justice League Dark is a 2017 animated superhero action film. When regular citizens of the world begin to see other civilians as demons, Batman (Jason O’Mara) is forced to seek the help of those more in-tune with the supernatural. Matt Ryan reprises his role from the (depressingly short-lived) live action series Constantine as the titular John Constantine, an exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts, while Ray Chase voices Jason Blood and his alter-ego Etrigan the Demon, with Nicholas Turturro as Deadman and Camilla Luddington as Zatanna rounding out the core team. Jay Olivia directs the film, following his turns on Batman: Bad Blood and Batman vs. Robin.

+ it is a joy to hear Matt Ryan as Constantine again, and I will never have any issues with Luddington being in everything ever (she was the voice and mo-cap for Lara Croft in the two recent Tomb Raider games). Jeremy Davies reprises his role from the Constantine series as Ritchie Simpson. All the voice work was pretty good
+ there is lots of action, mostly revolving around impressively animated magic use. The early demon scenes are violent and confronting, in a few ways, and it does at least make this film seem somewhat unique in the ACAU thus far

– I know I am not the only person getting really sick of Batman being shoehorned into these stories he has no right to be a part of. Batman can be the LINK between the regular superheroes and the paranormal team, but he should not be one of, if not THE main focus of the movie

> It still boggles my brain that Matt Ryan is Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It is so obvious in hindsight

Should you see this film: As much as I love the paranormal side of the DC Universe, I am getting really sick of Batman taking center stage in all of these movies. This was still a pretty good movie, in terms of introducing the supernatural elements, but after the fact I can’t quite figure out what the point was. Watch this if you like the supernatural side of DC Comics, but otherwise don’t bother.


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