Movie Review: Standoff (2016)


Directed by Adam Alleca, Standoff is a 2016 thriller film starring Thomas Jane and Laurence Fishburne. When Isabelle (Ella Ballentine), an adorable young girl with a knack for photography, sees something she shouldn’t, an assassin (Fishburne) follows her to a lone farmhouse, inhabited by grieving Carter Green (Jane). Unable, and unwilling to hand the girl over, Carter vows to protect her from the ruthless hitman.

+ Thomas Jane was impressive as grieving Carter Green. Having longer hair that anything else I’ve seen him in added to the effect of him really grieving hard, and he had great chemistry with Isabelle. His reaction to his tragic backstory may leave your heart broken…
+ Laurence Fishburne as the assassin was surprisingly unnerving. Fishburne’s iconic deep voice made his various expletive filled rants that much more intense, though it is the cool, calm and collected threats which make him terrifying
+ I was really impressed with Ella Ballentine as Isabelle. The way she showed fear, but also determination made it very easy to root for her throughout the movie. She is definitely an actor to watch
+ the basic plot of ‘man protects girl from hitman’ is all you really need to know; 99% of the film is shot in or around Carter’s farm house, which creates a tense atmosphere, and one point in particular caused my eyes to widen as I worked out what was going on
+ a handful of fantastic cinematography shots really highlight the stark differences between the two men

> in many ways, this was almost a prelude of things to come for Fishburne, who is playing what is reported to be an assassin the upcoming John Wick sequel, John Wick: Chapter Two
> I miss Hannibal so much.

Should you see this film: Despite listing all positives above, overall this film was sort of bland. It is well acted, tense and  satisfying in it’s own ways, but it probably won’t leave any lasting impressions. If you like ‘bottle episodes’, or are a particular fan of ‘adult defends child from bad guy’ movies, then give it a go. Otherwise, wait until you have nothing else to watch.


  1. Standoff is an exciting thriller. A gripping plot, good acting and setting will keep you on the edge of your seat. This one is worth your time. An enjoyable film.


  2. Excellent flick!! Had my expectations set low but Standoff delivered action in that nail biting suspenseful way you can’t wait for the climax!! A must see in my opinion that has been underrated


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