Movie Review: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015)


Taking place soon after the previous film, Battle of Gods, Resurrection ‘F’ is the second of the ‘new’ Dragon Ball movies released in recent years. After successfully saving the Earth from destruction, Goku and Vegeta (voiced by series mainstays Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabbat, respectively) are training with Whis (Ian Sinclair) and Beerus (Jason Douglas) when they receive terrifying news: Frieza is back (voiced by Christopher Ayres). Will our Z Warriors have the power to stop the intergalactic tyrant, or is this when Frieza finally gets his revenge?

+ as far as animation goes, this film continues the high quality trend started in the previous film (and significantly above the frankly amateur style used in the new TV show). Characters are detailed and battle movements are more than just repetitive blurs

– the plot is very basic, with an ultimately unsatisfying conclusion
– there was a surprising number of characters only mentioned in passing who did not appear in the film, which was strange and somewhat dissatisfying after the large cast who appeared in the previous film. Whether this was for time or budget complaints, or something else entirely, it was still disappointing not to see Mr Satan, Trunks or even Yamcha (as useless as Yamcha would have been)
– these new transformations are getting more ridiculous than ever. When someone like me, who loves this constant escalation stuff, is saying it’s getting a bit out of hand, then it is definitely getting out of hand

> It’s not surprising they went with Chris Ayres to voice Frieza, since Ayres voiced the character in the Dragon Ball Z Kai series, but I was always partial to Linda Young myself. This is a good comparison video, for anyone interested.

Should you see this film: As a huge fan of Frieza, and a massive Dragon Ball fan in general, it was a no brainer for me to watch this. But unfortunately, I can’t recommend it to anyone who is not already a fan. This was made for a specific audience, and if you are not a Dragon Ball fan already it might not be worth your time.


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