Movie Review: We Are Still Here (2015)


A 2015 horror film, We Are Still Here is the story of an older couple, Anne and Paul Sacchetti (Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig), who move to a new home in a small New England Town after the tragic death of their son, Bobby. When their spirit-tuned friends Jacob and Mary Lewis, along with their son Harry, Bobby’s former roommate, come to visit the grieving couple, they soon come to believe Bobby’s spirit is still with his parents, in the cellar of the new house.

+ both the main couple are fine, Barbara Crampton (as Anne) is particularly good. Larry Fessenden as family friend Jacob Lewis was my personal highlight, both funny and terrifying when the need arose
+ first and foremost, this horror film is damned scary. The atmosphere escalates at a perfect pace, and peaks just when it should. A few minor jump-scares (which I am not a fan of) all play into the long-scare effectively, with some horrendous violence punctuating the horrors
+ the film is beautifully shot, featuring various interesting camera angles when inside the house, and breathtaking snowy vistas when outside
+ a handful of period with no dialogue, and instead some very forboding music add to the tension

Should you see this film: Yes. A fantastic atmosphere, build-up of tension and satisfying pay-off makes for a must see horror film.

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