Movie Review: The Gallows (2015)


The Gallows is yet another found footage slasher film, albeit without any slashing. Released in 2015, the film tells the sorry tale of a boy accidentally hanged when a prop malfunctions during a performance of the school play, and the attempted revival of the play (not the boy, lol, gosh I’m funny) some twenty years later. That joke was more entertaining than the film because, spoiler, it’s horrible.

+ none of the main foursome are bad, per sé, but none are particularly spectacular either

– ANOTHER found footage deal, but this one had nothing unique going for it, which at least recently reviewed Nightlight did
– a handful of cheap jump scares create the only moments were I felt anything even remotely close to fear
– the ending “twist” makes entirely no sense, and is a discredit to any other manor of storytelling previously accomplished

> Is it still a slasher film if no-one gets slashed? Should this be a ‘hanger’ film?

Should you see this film: No. Not only because it’s not scary or interesting, but because it is just not very good.

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