Movie Review: Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

Two of the many things DC Comics are known for are: 1) their animation adaptations are generally far superior to any live action outings, and 2) their ‘alternate universe’ takes (called “Elseworlds”) on characters are generally interesting or unique takes on their characters. Justice League: Gods and Monsters is the 24th entry in the DC Universe Original Animated Movies lineup, and stands as far and away the most unlike anything you’ll ever have seen before.

+ Benjamin Bratt is Hernan Guerra, the Superman of this continuity. This Superman is probably the closest of the three heroes to the ‘real’ version, and I found the new take on his character (being raised by Mexican migrants, opposed to the Kents) to be refreshing and add a new layer to the character
+ Tamara Taylor is Bekka of the New Gods, Wonder Woman of this earth. Wonder Woman was arguably the hero with the most character development. Her arc was the most enjoyable to watch, but as mentioned below does leave some questions open regarding where Diana is
+ generally, the alternate takes on the characters was enjoyable, though I would have liked answers to what the ‘regular’ hero identities were up to; for example, Bruce Wayne is not mentioned, nor is there any mention of Diana or Themyscira
+ a few nice Easter eggs for people that know the comics, such as name drops and references to the main continuity

– Michael C Hall (TV’s Dexter) is The Bat-man, (formerly known as Kirk Langstrom). His voice work was very understated, I found, and whilst I realise this version of the Bat-man would not be particularly emotional either, his voice work came across quite flat
– at only 70ish minutes, the film felt very short, with not enough time given to the alternate versions of the DC trinity
– the incidents that set the plot into motion were pretty crap, to be frank, and never really seemed to be more than a deus ex machina to get the ball rolling, opposed to something that would realistically (or, realistically in this universe) be an issue

> Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and a few other well known characters show up in roles that can be described as minor to cameo. None were particularly bad, but weren’t given enough time to be anything particularly good either.

Should you see this film: This was a weird entry in the DC Animation lineup. It was interesting, and the simple fact it was not the standard heroes doing standard hero things makes it interesting, but overall it just wasn’t particularly good. If it were either longer, or perhaps had a bit more explanation thrown in it may have been better, but as it stands now give this a miss.


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