Review: CastleStorm (Definitive Edition)

Release date: 2013 (originally), 2014 (on Xbox One)
Version played: Xbox One in 2015

+ cartoon-y, “Warcraft III”ish graphics are simple but effective
+ witty, self aware humour is quite enjoyable
+ gameplay is only as difficult as you want it to be, so you can spam troops or go for high accuracy, or both, or neither
+ a hero unit can be individually controlled (and projectiles then go on automatic), which is pretty cool and can change the entire battle when done properly
+ several different game modes, including a campaign (but all are the same basic structure, simply either survival or objective oriented)

– voice acting is one of those ‘stock phrases all throughout’ deals. There is not full voice acting
– gets very repetitive, and new troops/projectile types don’t quite break the mold enough
– the story leaves much to be desired, and is framed by a much-too-common nowadays rhyming structure/poem. It gets old very quickly

> This game is basically “Angry Birds as a Tower Defense game”

Should you play this game: Currently free for the month of May on Xbox One, no reason not to give this a go. I’ve played this long enough to finish the campaign mode, and I think though it may not hold your interest for weeks, as a quick time waster it will do its job.

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