TV Review: Marvel’s Daredevil (Season 1, 2015, on Netflix)

+ Charlie Cox is a great Matt Murdock, and transitions nicely to playing Daredevil, with the gravely voice and ripped body (like, wow!)
+ Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and Elden Henson as Franklin “Foggy” Nelson join Cox as the final two, implacable good guys. The chemistry between the three is enjoyable
+ Vincent D’Onofrio is terrifying as Wilson Fisk, and is now by far the most fleshed out villain in the Marvel screen-verse. The show is just as much an origin story for Daredevil as it is for Fisk, not yet going by his monarch-ly moniker. D’Onofrio adds many subtle visual ticks to Fisk that makes him as unnerving as he is violent
+ Bob Gunton (a favourite actor of mine) steals numerous scenes as another, secondary villain allied with Fisk
+ the action scenes are brutal, and furiously paced. Very pleasing to see action more on par with Oldboy or The Raid films, including an homage of sorts with a battle in a hallway
+ the fight choreography is fantastic, and every participant gets cuts, bruised and tired semi-realistically
+ the very few, subtle hints that there just might be something supernatural going on behind the scenes has me very intrigued

– I feel as if the show went on just two or three episodes too long. Some in the middle dragged just slightly, but it was noticeable enough to break the enjoyment streak I had going for the first and then last handful of episodes
– I don’t know what the deal was with the middle episodes, but they started using the word ‘dick’ and ‘dickhead’ so much that I almost wanted to turn the episodes into a drinking game
– maybe I am just spoiled from Michael Clarke Duncan’s portrayal from the movie, but I expected Fisk to be a fair bit bigger, if only half a foot taller

> Karen was probably my least favourite character, in actions and personality, but I think it was Foggy that was the weakest link. /Generally/ Foggy and Matt worked well together, but I think their major issues were somewhat out of character, or at least not portrayed in the ways I thought they should have been played out.

Should you watch this show: Whilst I don’t think this was the ’10/10, amazing’ show that many others did, it was enjoyable and had enough moments to keep you involved, even if (like me) you are not a huge Daredevil fan. Give it a go, if you have a Netflix account.

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