Review: Terraria (Xbox 360 Edition)

Release date: 2013
Version played: Xbox 360 in 2015

+ simple art style makes the game accessible to anyone
+ enjoyable, upbeat soundtrack
+ worlds (small, medium or large) can be absolutely massive, if you choose ‘large’. There is always room to experiment and build whatever you want
+ a real challenge when night time arrives, and it seems to go on forever
+ boss enemies make you think and maneuver in combat, rather than just swinging wildly

– lack of any clear direction/objective is frustrating when first starting, until you have the materials to experiment with
– very clunky and cluttered menus, obviously designed for use with a mouse, rather than controller shoulder buttons
– mining, too, is clearly meant for use with a mouse, as attempting to mine or place blocks in particular squares can sometimes be frustratingly inaccurate

> The game is kind of a ‘one trick pony’. Mining materials to improve your gear to mine more materials to further improve your gear.

Should you play this game: After playing for a few dozen or so hours, and defeating a handful of bosses, this game was not for me. If you are a super creative person that doesn’t mind the clunky interface, you may find more enjoyment. It’s free for April with Games With Gold on Xbox 360, so it never hurts to give it a go, but I don’t feel there was anything ‘must play’ about the game.

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