Review: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Release date
: 2014
Version played: Xbox One in 2015

Note: I have not played any previous games in the Dragon Age series, but I have played many of Bioware’s other action RPGs.

+ The game environment looks nice, despite the story mentioning how desecrated it should all look
+ Character creation is detailed enough, except for the minor details mentioned below
+ The companions and several NPCs get solid back-stories or personalities to play off, and can become genuinely endearing if you put time into learning about them

– I feel like there was too few customization options, particularly in terms of body type or back story, the latter especially since this is the first game for the PS4 and XB1
– The combat is horrendously boring. Standing in one spot and holding down a trigger is not compelling, and even the additional button presses for a ‘special’ attack requires no skill
– Unless I just couldn’t figure out how, there is no way to compare new items to offhand weapons, or second-slot rings
– I experienced lots of weird collision glitches. Lots of NPCs fell through the ground and made it impossible to talk to them, and lots of characters were seemingly stuck inside the environment such as barrels or walls
– Your companions disappear entirely when you get on your horse, and reappear out of thin air when you dismount. The horse simply appears from nowhere, as well
– I found the customisation to your fortress to be very superfluous
– nearly every achievement is glitched somehow

> Crafting and upgrading weapons/armour was confusing at first, but once I figured it out it was very useful
> The flavour text for journals/collectibles is very hit and miss. Some are genuinely intriguing, whilst others seem to be cryptic simply because the developers couldn’t think of a better answer
> the whole game came across, to me, as a single-player MMO (let that oxymoron sink in). Split screen co-op, two or even four player, would have made this a much more enjoyable experience

Should you play this game: I didn’t enjoy this game, and I am legitimately baffled how it was given so many Game of the Year awards. I did not find anything particularly oustanding in it’s story or mechanics. If you have played the previous entries, then maybe it is more for you, but otherwise give it a miss and play Dragon’s Dogma instead.

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