Wrestling Review: Wrestlemania 31

+ overall, none of the matches were bad
+ the over-the-top entrance fit the world of pro-wrestling perfectly (see: Triple H and Rusev)
+ no performers look bad or stupid (in the storylines) after their matches; this is a rarity in current WWE
+ some surprise guests and famous alumni make the show a bit less predictable
+ some crazy high spots, such as the ladder match and the finish of Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
+ Brock Lesnar. Just everything about this monster of a man

I know this stuff is rehearsed as hell, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

– I personally disagree with some of the winners
– a few segments went for far too long (including an as-always unnecessary musical interlude)
– a missing promo video (after one of those aforementioned overly long segments) interrupted the flow a little bit
– the stage set-up was bland, and the logo is even more boring

> It is hard to think of Wrestlemania as ‘the end’ of the various feuds, because they very rarely do end at Wrestlemania, but a bit more finality in some cases would have been nice.

Should you watch this event: As far as wrestling in general goes, there was something to like for pretty much everyone on this show. In terms of this being a Wrestlemania, it was above average, but failed to reach the dizzying heights of last year’s show. No reason not to watch this.

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