Review: Sunset Overdrive

logo_sunsetoverdriveRelease date: 2014
Version played: Xbox One in 2015

+ witty, self-aware story, well used fourth-wall breaking
+ Sunset City looks great, and there are plenty of things to bounce, grind and travel on
+ punk rock and electronic soundtrack seamlessly transitions when battling different enemies
+ wide array of weapons, and outfits to customize
+ weapons are upgraded via use, so the weapons you like are the weapons that get stronger (which is actually explicitly stated by the announcer to the player; it’s all very meta)
+ voice work and weapon sounds all fantastic

– missions are slightly repetitive
– the (many) references in the game are already getting out-of-date; ie. the doge meme and Breaking Bad
– Games in general, Sunset Overdrive included, need to stop with the ‘gamers are all such nerds and losers’ thing. Sometimes it’s funny, but in this it felt really hammered in

> The game plays like a very satisfying mashup of Prototype, Crackdown and Tony Hawk.
> Xbox One exclusive, but I am pretty sure nearly every pack comes with this game for that reason.

Should you play this game: Yes. The game is unique, engaging and enjoyable to learn to master. If you have an Xbox One, there is no reason to not play this game.

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