Review: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Release date: 2014
Version played: Xbox 360 in 2014

+ Plot allows for some great space exploration
+ Many, many characters available and there are several large hubs between levels
+ The power of each lantern (hope, love, hate etc.) altering some hero and villains’ personality was adorable
+ A few new gameplay upgrades from previous games all work well (such as ‘speed building’ with Flash or Superman)

– Batman/Robin etc really do feel quite useless with all the SUPER superheroes around
– Very select group of character for the whole game. I would have liked a bit more variety, even in one-off levels.
– Beyond Gotham COULD and should have meant visiting more iconic DC cities like Central City or Star City; even Metropolis is absent.
– Characters like Conan O’Brien and Kevin Smith are silly additions

> Why is it not just called ‘Lego Justice League’ or better still, ‘Lego DC’ at this stage?
> Dynamic split screen still works great, aside from a few moments where precision was needed.

Should you play this game: Maybe. If you like the DC line-up, this will be worth your time. But if you prefer Marvel comics, play Lego Marvel Superheroes instead.

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