Game Review: PowerWash Simulator – Tomb Raider Update (v1.1)

Release date: 2023 (v1.1)
Version played: Xbox Series X in 2023

The first substantial update to the PowerWash Simulator base game, the Tomb Raider Update sees players spraying clean various locales and vehicles associated with the iconic archaeologist badass, Lara Croft. From the exterior of Croft Manor to Lara’s personal speed boat and Jeep, there is dirt, dust and grime just waiting to be blasted off.

+ as mentioned of the base game, there is only one real element to gameplay here but it is as satisfying as ever. The five levels are varied, and are large enough to warrant your time, but never quite outstay their welcome. Having played this base game a lot now, I do wish there was some easier or quicker way to clean the floors in particular
+ I’m by no means a Tomb Raider expert, but even I caught some cheeky references to the early games, and the likes of locking Winston the butler in the freezer. The five new levels are clearly made with a love of the Tomb Raider franchsie

– the pacing of the levels is a bit weird, in that the first and second missions took me FOREVER, but the later ones were done relatively quickly. I understand the order of the levels was based on the order of the games, but it was just jarring

> there is a quite obvious button, complete with a prompt to press it, in the final level. I tried for a while but couldn’t make it do anything other than make a noise. If anyone can find out what it does, let me know

Should you play this game: These five new levels are basically the same thing as the main game, but they are free, and it’s still incredibly satisfying. What else do you need to know?


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