Game Review: Doomed to Hell

Release date: 2022
Version played: Xbox Series X in 2022

A top-down arena shooter developed and published by Gagonfe, Doomed to Hell was released in 2022 for PC and consoles. Taking control of the human Rose, players are tasked by the Devil itself to clear out the excess inhabitants of Hell and earn back his life on Earth. Between rounds, Rose can temporarily upgrade his abilities, and after each section can gain a permanent upgrade to skills such as attack power, movement speed or critical chance.

+ the gameplay is incredibly simple, but lots of fun. The biomes are unique and detailed, and each of the weapons are varied enough to be worth a try. I tried all of them, but personally preferred the rapid fire SMGs or rifles over shotguns and revolvers
+ visually, this is very similar to Trigger Witch. Rose and his enemies are made up from large pixels, and there is very limited character variation. The guns all look nice, with a colour palette or projectile style that makes them stand out. Just don’t expect the obscene violence that Trigger Witch had

– I finished this in like an hour. There is no other way to say this, but there is just not enough content in this game. The story mode is the only available mode, and the achievements essentially boil down to ‘do the same thing 100 times’. I would have loved an Endless or Challenge mode, or even a barebones ‘choose your next stage to fight in’ map

Should you play this game: The reason I compare this to Trigger Witch is because Trigger Witch was good, while this wasn’t. If this game can add some more content — as stated, such as an Endless Mode, Challenge Mode, or even some NPCs to talk to — then I might recommend it. As it stands, I just can’t.


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