Movie Review: Ultrasound (2022)

Written by Conor Stechschulte, based on his graphic novel “Generous Bosom“, and directed and produced by Rob Schroeder, Ultrasound is a 2022 psychological thriller/horror film. When his car is damaged during a storm, Glen (Vincent Kartheiser, Titans‘ Jonathan Crane) seeks shelter in the nearby home of Art (Bob Stephenson) and Cyndi (Chelsea Lopez), though the night does not go the way he was expecting.

+ the confusion that Glen, Cyndi and Art go through is played off nicely, and you’ll be feeling many of those same things yourself. Lots of the early dialogue is intentionally awkward, as we take the role of Glen walking into this uncomfortable kitchen of Art and Cyndi
+ the plot is full of twists and turns befitting this genre of story. It’s hard to go into too much detail without spoilers, but I was left satisfied. As one character says in this, “If it doesn’t make sense at first, how one thing connects to the other, it will all make sense as it goes along. I promise.” The film reminded me of Possessor in some ways

– this is still certainly a sci-fi film, and your own mileage may vary on how effective the realism/unrealistic nature of things in this film. In that sense, it toes the line between “acceptable sci-fi” and intentionally unclear horror. I certainly had some questions and concerns

Should you see this film: A short review for a solid film, I enjoyed this. I was interested in the answers the movie was teasing, but I can very easily see why some people may not be as invested.


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