Wrestling Review: WrestleCon USA vs. The World (2022)

Two championships will be decided as WrestleCon presents USA vs The World, a best of seven series as competitors from the USA battle those from the rest of the world, including Mexico, Australia, Northern Ireland and Japan. In the main event, the Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) Championship will be defended as Michael Oku battles Impact Wrestling’s Rich Swann. Meanwhile in the opening contest, Sam Adonis defends his Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship against three opponents; Mr Iguana (and Jessica, the Iguana), La Hiedra, and Golden Dragon. Also ont eh card, two giant men will do battle when one half of the MLW Tag Team Champions, Calvin Tankman battles Big Damo (formerly WWE’s Killian Dain), and the team of Bandido and Extreme TIger (replacing an injured Rey Horus) contend with The WorkHorsemen, JD Drake and Anthony Henry, the latter of whom have been seen in All Elite Wrestling as of late. A six man tag team contest will pit the American trio of Caleb Konley, Flip Gordon and Gringo Loco against representatives of Mexico, Aramis, Arez and Aeroboy. Finally, “Speedball” Mike Bailey continues his unprecedented string of matches as Davey Richards, and the daughter of professional wrestling royalty, Rachael Ellering faces off with the relative newcomer, Jessica Troy.

+ Michael Oku (c) vs Rich Swann (RevPro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship): this main event was lots of fun, but I think hampered by the smaller crowd. The more personal nature meant that the wrestlers were able to respond to not “the crowd” as a concept, but instead specific members of the crowd, which I personally don’t like. I do give this props though for being a good match to watch, even as it went far and away the longest on the show (as the majority of main events always should) without ever getting boring. Oku was impressive on the Mark Hitchcock Memorial SuperShow in a 6-man, but it was a treat to see what he could do in singles competition against a guy like Swann who we all know can go when he wants to
+ Big Damo vs Calvin Tankman: on a card featuring luchadors and technical workhorses, this was the absolute hoss fight. There was little that was pretty about this match, but it had hard strikes and big power spots, and on great moment when Tankman attempted an uppercut on Damo which was answered in emphatic fashion. I love these big bois
+ Bandido & Extreme Tiger vs The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake): JD Drake may be one of the most underappreciated guys in all of wrestling right now, and his team with Henry is the absolute definition of a ‘expect nothing, get everything’ tag team. This match had probably the most hype moment on the whole show between Bandido and Drake, but Henry and Extreme Tiger (who was filling in for Rey Horus) more than held their own
+ Davey Richards vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey: this was really good. I haven’t seen much of Richards in recent times, but he is still as competent as he always was when teaming with Eddie Edwards as the American Wolves. I don’t have much more positive to say about Speedball, after his bonkers schedule over the past few shows I’ve reviewed, but it’s a testament that I can see him face half a dozen opponents and enjoy every match
+ Jessica Troy vs Rachael Ellering: I assume everybody knows who Rachel Ellering is, and knows she is of course really good. However, I was really impressed by Jessica Troy. Off the top of my head I don’t think I’ve seen her before, but she was really solid in the ring, not to mention cute and Australian, so I wish her well. I don’t know when Australian women started moving into pro wrestling, but I’m, all for it when they are this good at such a young age
+ Sam Adonis (c) vs Mr. Iguana vs La Hiedra vs Golden Dragon (Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship): this was good. I am only familiar with Adonis going in, but Iguana and Hiedra in particular won me over, though Golden Dragon did some cool things too. This was a relatively standard ‘indie’ four way, but a minor sub plot between Adonis and Hiedra was fun

Caleb Konley, Flip Gordon & Gringo Loco vs Aeroboy, Aramis & Arez: this just didn’t really do it for me. I am well aware of the USA side o the match, and have a passing knowledge of “The World” (ie. Mexico) side, but this was just nothing new or special. Remember when Flip Gordon was going to be a huge star, and appeared on all the Being the Elite episodes? I wonder what happened

> in writing this review, I learned that Sam Adonis is the younger brother of WWE commentator Corey Graves. I incorrectly thought Adonis was somehow related to Chris Masters, who currently wrestles as Chris Adonis. Sam Adonis and Chris Adonis do also have similar real life names as well, Polinsky and Mordetzky respectively, which may be where the confusion comes from

Should you watch this event: With the most respect I can muster, this was a surprisingly good show. Jessica Troy has made a fan out of me, JD Drake is once again a low-key highlight, and Tankman/Damo just battered each other in three great matches I was not exactly expecting. I’m disappointed that one 6-man wasn’t as good as it could have been, just because the show was almost a no-brainer recommendation.


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