Wrestling Review: GCW Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6, Part 2 (2022)

[As the eyes of the professional wrestling world turned to Dallas, Texas, for Wrestlemania Weekend, various independent promotions came together to put shows in front of larger crowds. This is known as The Collective.]

Once again too big for just one show, Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 is back for Part 2. Following the structured and serious nature of Part 1, the main even of Part 2 will see not just any battle royal, but The Greatest Clusterfuck Battle Royal of all time. With no limit to the number of competitors, entrants can only be eliminated in five ways: pinfall, submission, going over the top rope, leaving the building… or death, with whoever is left standing declared the winner. Also on the show, Minoru Suzuki, fresh of winning the ROH Television Championship, will face the flamboyant Effy in what could go very poorly for Effy before his own show later on, while the “East Coast Ace” Jordan Oliver faces “Speedball” Mike Bailey in a sure fire fantastic match. Tony Deppen, regarded as one of the best hard hitting independent wrestlers on the scene will have a huge test, as he faces Biff Bucisk, the latter of whom has already had a horror show of tough matches across wrestling’s biggest weekend, and kicking of the show will be Matt Cardona, returning to GCW with his wife Chelsea Green by his side, battling Chris Dickinson, who will be seconded by wrestling icon Missy Hyatt.

+ Minoru Suzuki vs Effy: there were a few clever spots here, almost entirely built around the flamboyant nature of Effy contrasted with the serious murder stylings of Suzuki, but I liked it overall. It was mostly these gimmicky interactions, but overall still al lot of fun, and a match I never thought I’d see
+ “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Jordan Oliver: I’ve been somewhat up and down on Jordan Oliver over the past few years and his appearances in various GCW matches, whether they be multi-man, hardcore, tag teams or these singles showings. Speedball meanwhile has bene the MVP of this entire series of events in Dallas, and this was another good match for him. I mostly know Oliver as being tag partners with Blake Christian (who is having a breakout year) and Alex Zayne so I hope he can follow more in the footsteps of Christian
+ Biff Busick vs Tony Deppen: here is a pro tip: if Biff is in the math, it’s going to be good to great at worst. Add in Tony Deppen, who truly is one the most underappreciated independent wrestlers going at the moment, and you get a hard hitting brawl that would be one of the best matches on whatever event it is on. I loved this

Clusterfuck Battle Royal: yeah nah. Battle Royal matches are not great at the best of time, but when you don’t know the number of competitors, and frankly a large number of them are not well known to me, then I never really got into this at all
Matt Cardona (w/ Chelsea Green) vs Chris Dickinson (w/ Missy Hyatt): the match here was nothing special, and it was the pre-match that I think was what most people will say they enjoyed most. I like uber-dickhead Cardona, but he works best when he is using weapons and ‘garbage wrestling’ to beat the fan favourites, not when he just outwrestles them like he did to Dickinson. The Dirty Daddy has had some good matches lately, but I admit I don’t entirely see the appeal of him as this top level guy in GCW, or NJPW Strong

Should you watch this event: Go out of your way to see my boy Biff and Tony Deppen beat the piss out of each other, and even Speedball/Oliver is worth your time, though not the best Speedball match of this weekend. Effy/Suzuki is a spectacle if nothing else, and you might get a kick out of it. But don’t bother with the opening match (but enjoy the pre-match promo) and definitely skip the Clusterfuck.


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