Movie Review: Jolt (2021)

Directed by Tanya Wexler, Jolt is a 2021 action comedy film. Due to her body producing excess cortisol and her diagnosis of intermittent explosive disorder, Lindy Lewis (Kate Beckinsale) must wear a electric-shock vest to control her extreme, violent outburst. At the suggestion of her therapist, Dr Munchin (Stanley Tucci), Lindy meets Justin (Jai Courtney) and the two begin dating. When tragedy strikes, Lindy finds the vest no longer supresses her rage, and her revenge soon has her being followed by two detectives, Vicars (Bobby Canavale) and Nevin (Laverne Cox).

+ basically, the entire cast is great. I’ve been a fan of Kate Beckinsale for many moons, and I always wondered why she was never in more action roles after the Underworld series lost its steam. Jai Courtney, too, is a personal favourite since his time on Spartacus, and I enjoyed his brief role in this film. I don’t think Stanley Tucci knows how to not be great in a film, and the chemistry between Canavale/Cox and Beckinsale is a lot of fun
+ the action does not reach the new, now-expected, new-wave action heights of John Wick, Atomic Blonde orĀ Haywire, but it’s fun enough. Lindy’s daydream fantasies of what she wants to do to the people that annoy her are often not only more violent, but significantly more enjoyable than the long form fight scenes

– the movie is very predictable, and none of the characters act in any way which will surprise you. This makes the plot feel unimportant, and not really worth investing your time in

Should you see this film: There was very little standout in this film, but at the same time there was nothing to signal it to be avoided. If you have already seen Crank and its sequel, or you want something with a female lead this isn’t the worst thing you’ll see.


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