WandaVision: Season 1 Episode 3 – Now in Color (Recap & Review)

[Please note: there are FULL spoilers for the entire third episode of season 1, as well as all preceding episodes.]

Wanda is definitely pregnant, and Vision can’t believe it happened “practically overnight”. The doctor, Dr Nielson (Randy Oglesby), suggests she must be about four months along, and explains to Vision just how it happened, in family friendly terms. Vision is struggling to come to terms with what is happening, but the doctor assured him that father-to-be jitters are natural. Vision shows the doctor out, just in time for the doctor to head on a holiday with his wife. Vision implores Dr Nielson to keep Wanda’s pregnancy a secret. At the same time, neighbour Herb (David Payton) cuts through the adjoining fence as he is trimming the hedges.

Back inside, Wanda’s pregnancy has progressed dramatically, to about five months. Vision reads up on what to expect, while Wanda magically paints and prepares the baby’s new room. Feeling the baby kick, putting Wanda at approximately six months, Wanda accidentally turns a mobile of butterflies into real life insects. Vision prematurely names the baby Billy, but Wanda prefers Tommy, calling it a “nice, classic all-American name”. Calculating the rate of progression of Wanda’s pregnancy, Vision predicts the baby to be due in about three days.

While Vision practices changing the baby (and being pretty pleased with his results), Wanda experiences Braxton Hicks contractions, and in the midst of practicing their breathing, Wanda’s power cause a total power outage. Wanda and Vision begin to worry if the people of Westview suspect them of not being quite normal, to which Vision says he agrees – but suddenly, Vision “flashes” back in time, and says something comforting to Wanda. Wanda’s water then breaks, and it begins to pour with rain inside the house.

A commercial is shown of an overworked mother relaxing in a bath, with the use of Hydra Soak soap.

The rain finally ceases, and Wanda uses a gust of wind to clean and dry the interior of the house. Vision attempts to call the doctor, but the phones are down due to the power outage. Vision must run to the doctor, unless the doctor has already left on his vacation. Chirping and cluttering noises from the nursery draw Wanda’s attention, before the doorbell rings, and neighbour Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) enters, asking for a bucket. Hiding her pregnancy with jackets and a strategically placed fruit bowl, Geraldine doesn’t leave before gossiping about her temp job.

During the chat, numerous real-life storks begin to wander through Wanda’s home, and all of Wanda’s attempts to magic them away are ineffective. Geraldine almost discovers the storks, but Wanda assured her it was just an ice maker. After a few more close calls with the storks, Geraldine enters the nursery and notices the crib, and Wanda’s pregnancy is found out. Wanda’s magic goes out of control, as Geraldine helps Wanda birth a healthy baby boy. Meanwhile, Vision has run to the doctor and grabbed him, before abandoning any semblance of normalcy and running with super speed back home. Upon arrival, Geraldine and Dr Neilson give Wanda and Vision some spaced, before suddenly Wanda births another boy, and the couple soon find themselves with a pair of healthy twin boys.

Dr Neilson and Vision head outside, where Neilson says he doesn’t think he’ll make it on his Bermuda holidays, as small towns can be awfully hard to escape. Vision overhears Agnes and Herb talking about Geraldine, and how she’s new to town with no family, or husband… or home. Herb is unable to tell Vision why Geraldine has come to town, but Agnes interrupts, and the two return to acting as if nothing is amiss, and Vision rushes inside.

Simultaneously, inside, Wanda and Geraldine watch the new twins, Billy and Tommy. Wanda reveals that she is a twin, and her brother’s name was Pietro, as she begins to sing a Sokovian nursery rhyme to her sons. Geraldine asks if Pietro was killed by Ultron. Wanda asks Geraldine to repeat herself, but Geraldine won’t, or is unable to. Wanda tells Geraldine to leave, before noticing a symbol on Geraldine’s necklace. As Vision returns, Wanda says Geraldine simply had to rush home, and the screen is pushed into widescreen.

Geraldine exits through a static-y forcefield outside the town of Westview, and lands on the grass, stunned. Dozens of armed soldiers and helicopters swarm her from a nearby field base.

+ we’re all on an Easter egg hunt now! In the The Brady Bunch style opening: Wanda and Vision came out of a clothing store called “Wentworth’s” (either a reference to Deidre Wentworth aka Superia, a Captain Marvel villain, or perhaps the infamous real life prison of the same name); Agnes once again mentioned Ralph, but we’ve yet to see this other half of hers; Herb’s line was, “We came here because we’re all—” and frankly it would be easy to finish that with “dead” or “worried about Wanda” or “S.W.O.R.D agents”. You decide
+ the names of Tommy and Billy are straight out of the source material, which fans will know are Speed and Wiccan of the Young Avengers, and the in-comic children of Wanda and Vision
+ the quotes during the commercial were quite ominous: “Escape to a world all your own. Where your problems float away. When you want to get away, but you don’t want to go anywhere.”
+ another time warp! This time far more subtle than the literal rewind effect from the previous episode, Wanda seems to be able to warp reality to get the answers or outcomes she wants in any situation
+ Geraldine clearly knew more about Wanda than she was letting on, but now Dr Neilson, his wife, Herb and Agnes all know about Vision’s super speed. We know from Age of Ultron that Wanda can effect people’s minds, so this one might have some unfortunate results for the townspeople
+ Agnes once again mentions Ralph, but see below as to why I don’t think Herb is going to be anything special after all
+ when Vision catches Agnes and Herb chattering, they’re clearly talking about Geraldine breaking some sort of rule set by going inside the WandaVision house. I don’t think these people are brainwashed at all, and instead it’s a Wayward Pines/It’s a Good Life (from Twilight Zone) situation, where people live in fear of Wanda. Therefore, they are all acting a certain way, not being forced to do so supernaturally

– this has nothing to do with this show, but typing the above has made me think of Wayward Pines, and just how disappointing that whole show was. What a waste of my time

> the episodes now have titles. I’ve gone back and amended the first two recap and review posts

Final thoughts: I am absolutely hooked by this point. The comic-accurate children, the subtle time warping and the huge “holy shit” moment when Geraldine mentioned Ultron had me on the edge of my seat.


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