Movie Review: The Vanished (2020)

Written and directed by Peter Facinelli, The Vanished is a 2020 mystery/thriller starring Thomas Jane and Anne Heche. When Peter (Jane) and Wendy (Heche) go on a RV vacation with their young daughter, Taylor (Kk Heim), things soon take a turn for the worse as Taylor vanishes, and a manhunt ensues. An over eager sheriff, a creepy caretaker, an unfriendly manager and a pair of fellow campers come and go, but perhaps not all are what they seem.

+ I like Thomas Jane in general, and he was once again good here. His chemistry with Heche, as lovers, fighters and scorned parents is admirable. Heche, herself, has a few standout scenes. Overall, it’s nothing to make or break the movie

Wendy and Peter (Anne Heche and Thomas Jane), who find their daughter has… VANISHED *dun dun dun*

– if that synopsis at the top seems familiar, it’s because it is. I rattled off a list of similar ‘piece the puzzle together’ movies in my review of Fractured, and this fits that mold perfectly. The outcome here was not quite so satisfactory as that, however
– there are a LOT of false leads and loose ends, far more than the majority of these movies might suggest. In fact, having finished it, I’m not even sure what some of the leads were meant to imply or suggest; they were just additional scenes that had no bearing on the plot at all

> after the ultra-competent police work in Fractured, I was left scratching my head at the lazy, time wasting these cops were doing.

Should you see this film: No. If you like these actors, there are better offerings; if you like these plots, watch Fractured instead.


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