Wrestling Review: Impact Wrestling Rebellion (Night 2) (2020)

[Please note: there is a spoiler regarding the main event, specifically what that match ended up being.]

Night Two of Impact Wrestling’s two week spectacular, Rebellion, has arrived. Following all the action from Night One, Michael Elgin looks to cement himself as the Impact World Champion, as current champion, Tessa Blanchard, cannot be at the show. Will Impact management bow to Big Mike’s desires, or will someone else step up to face Elgin? Rosemary and Havok also look to settle things between the two of them, but without Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkyrie able to make the show, will these two settle their differences, or can the smooth talking Rosemary convince Havok of another path? Newly conservative Joseph P. Ryan will also be in action, as he and #CancelCulture look to cancel one half of the Deaners, Cousin Jake. Not to be outdone, four of Impact’s top prospects look to put themselves into X-Division title contention, as Suicide, Chris Bey, Rohit Raju and Trey look to earn an all important victory.

+ Suicide vs Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju vs Trey: this was a lot of fun, with only a few obvious sloppy moments. I can’t say I’m familiar with Chris Bey, but he was incredibly impressive. Suicide (who I am currently unclear as to who is under that mask, it may still be Caleb Conley?) looked great, and Trey was also good. Raju was the weakest link, but with all four men able to cover for each other and different points, this was a great way to start the show

Michael Elgin vs Moose vs Hernandez: I understand the circumstances that led to this match up being made, but gosh it was not very good. Both Moose and Elgin work better with men they can throw around, and Hernandez certainly does not fit that description. Moose is a wrestling star, and I truly believe he deserves some more recognition for his work, and while Elgin has a few haters out there, he is more than suited to these main event matches. Hernandez is the oldest and clearly less agile of the competitors, but the other two were able to cover those pitfalls for the most part. Overall, this was just not a good match
Rosemary vs Havok (Full Metal Mayhem): this was not good. An interesting, non-match related tidbit was interesting, but the match itself was a slow, sloppy affair that clearly would have been better had Taya Valkyrie and Jordynne Grace in the match. There’s not much else to say about this
Joseph P. Ryan vs Cousin Jake: I like Ryan’s ‘Right to Censor’ style gimmick, but this match went on far too long. If this was to be a revenge match for Jake, then it felt far too long and uninteresting; if, however, it was to prove Ryan right, and to #cancel the Deaners, then it should not have been such an even match

Should you watch this event: This was not as good as Night One by a long shot. Check out the opening four way, if you can be bothered, but nothing on this show was worth going out of your way to see.


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