Movie Review: 6 Underground (2019)

From the explosive mind of Michael Bay, 6 Underground is a 2019 action movie released onto Netflix in December 2019. Led by the mysterious billionaire, ‘One’ (Ryan Reynolds), a group of vigilantes fake their deaths to take down criminals the rest of the world won’t. The members of One’s team include ‘Two’, a former CIA Spook (Melanie Laurent); ‘Three’, the hitman (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo); ‘Four’, a parkour expert (Ben Hardy); ‘Five’, the doctor (Adria Arjona); and ‘Six’, the driver (Dave Franco). The team, dubbed ‘Ghosts’, must work outside the law to try and overthrow evil dictator, Rovach Alimov (Lior Raz).

+ really good chemistry between the cast. Personal favourites were Laurent as the stoic former CIA operative, ‘Two’, and the comedy from ‘Three’ (Rulfo) was great for the heavier scenes. Truthfully I enjoy Dave Franco in everything he’s in. This is Ryan Reynolds doing his regular Ryan Reynolds shtick, so if you don’t like that then you won’t like him here, but I didn’t mind him as much since he was part of a team
+ great action set pieces, and it is so refreshing to see some real collateral damage, where bystanders don’t escape unscathed. Car chases, gun fights, wild brawls and intense parkour traversal are littered with the expected Michael Bay slo-mo and explosions, but dammit, it’s a lot of fun
+ the soundtrack matches the tone and tempo of the movie, with bass-pumping electronic scores backing the action, becoming more subdued when the situation calls for it. Simply, it was a well put together music listing

The Ghosts, led by One (Ryan Reynolds, third from right)

– the opening third-to-half of the film is full of some very disjointed flashbacks, which did create some confusion between me and my viewing partner
– this is hardly a ‘unique’ film, taking lots of cues from films such as Reynolds’ other Deadpool, The Hitman’s Bodyguard and Smokin’ Aces, with a health mixture of The Losers, The Italian Job and Oceans Eleven thrown in, too. If you like those, then the same stuff is on offer here, but that also means you’ll know what to expect

> Kim Kold, the Danish bodybuilder and action-movie bit player has another small role here. He has an intimidating presence, and I’d like to see him more.

Should you see this film: This film is full of all the Michael Bay tropes we all love (even if we don’t want to admit it), and it now fits in perfectly among other team-up action flicks like The Losers or Smokin’ Aces, though this perhaps sits a step apart due to the depiction of real collateral damage and the dangerous nature of the game the team is playing.



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