Movie Review: Doom: Annihilation (2019)

The second live-action adaption of id Software’s video game franchise Doom is the 2019 horror action film, Doom: Annihilation, directed by Tony Gigilo. Former UAC Marine Joan Dark (Amy Manson) is sent to a base/laboratory on Phobos as part of a team, which includes her old love interest Dr Bennett Stone (Luke Allen-Gale). At the base, they soon come across Dr Betruger (Dominic Mafham), who was in charge of the base’s project, to transport humans using mysterious gates emblazoned with ancient carvings.

+ I liked the locations, as they were almost entirely taken from the various games (particularly the 2016 DOOM). Tight, sterile hallways (though perhaps not remain in too sterile for long, what with all the death and destruction) create tension between the few laboratories

– story wise, and atmospherically, this reminded me most of the first Resident Evil movie, complete with most of the enemies being simple zombies, and an almost complete disregard for the wealth of source material
– poorly choreographed action sequences, especially considering that these were supposedly trained marines
– entirely amateur acting, with cringe-worthy one-liners punctuated by over the top audio cues and crappy special effects. The few non-zombie enemies all look like cheap rubber suits

> I think ‘Annihilation’ is definitely one of the worst subtitled you can give a piece of media, second, perhaps, only to ‘Revelations’

Should you see this film: This movie was so bad I can’t even bring myself to go back through it to find a screenshot for this review. If you thought The Rock’s Doom was bad, you’ll be clamouring for him to get an Oscar if you choose to put yourself through the hell of watching this.


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